Deborah Holden equine sport and rehabilitation therapist covering Skipton and Yorkshire! ESMT, IAAMT, PGCE, ITEC, BTEC, VTCT. Fully insured.

Holden Equine Testimonials

We can't thank Deborah enoouh for the work she has done with Molly and Mabel. Molly is a 16 year old cross breed and had her first massage with Deborah who was kind and gentle, the results were fantastic, she is now more willing to bend and extend wwen under the saddle and is jumping with ease. Mabel is a 20 year old Shetland who had taken to rearing whee ridden, as not a lot was known about her history, the issues were thought to be be behavioural however, upon Deborah working with her it transpired that she had an incredibly sore shoulder. For this reason we have had severa treatments inbetween Deborah's suggested exercises, the results are absolutely outstanding! Mabels movement is so free, she is now happy to be ridden and is happier in herself with no rearing. We also have a very happy little girl tha she can once again ride her pony.

I would thoroughly recommend Deborah, she is kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable and the results speak for themselves. Thank you Deborah!

Anna Shaw, Molly & Mabel


I cannot recommend Deborah enough, she is a significant player in keeping my 20 year old event horse in tip top condition. She is great with Scrappy and talks me through all the muscle groups as she is working on them. I can feel a real difference in Scrappy once whe has been seen by Deborah and her performance always improves afterwards.

Selena Uttley, Scrappy


I recently purchased an ex racer who was struggling with the concept of being supple and balanced in his new job. Deborah really helped Ted to become more supple and less tense. Ted has come on leaps and bounds since his treatment and i cannot thank Deborah enough.

Selena Uttley, Ted


I have a 14.2 pony, before I started to use Deborah he used to knock a lot of poles, even small ones. Deborah came out and immediately found the problem and released him of it. She has a very kind approach and is very helpful in giving me some exercises to keep him on top form whilst competing. I can't recommend her enough, he has just jumped double clear in a 95 class and is always coming home with Rosettes which is all down to Deborah's work.

Ruth Pennoxk


Domino is a 27 year old Cob x Hunter who we've owned for 22 years; he is a cushingoid horse. Deborah has been giving Domino monthly treatments for nearly 12 months and the difference in Domino from then to now is amazing! In fact, on Deborah's last visit she couldn't find anything wrong, just an ever so slight stiffness on his left side. She said it's as if all of a sudden everything has just come together and clicked into place. Domino was very stiff on his first appointment with Deborah; he does have left knee issues & probably arthritic in places at his age, but with Deborah's monthly treatments we now have a different horse. We didn't hack him out much before Deborah started to treat him, but we are able to now lightly hack him a few times a week without any guilt that he is stiff, and he is loving life. Deborah explains what she is doing and if a particular area she is working on needs that extra humph she explains what and why she is doing it and what benefit it will make, and she answers your questions with honesty. She tells you straight what problems there are and is very professional with a friendly, patient and kind approach to your horse. Deborah has said that Domino might be able to go longer in between his treatments, but I think we will be keeping him to his monthly appointment as the difference in our old boy is just amazing. I can certainly highly recommend Deborah at Holden Equine - we love her!!

Chrissie Neave, Domino


Jake is a TB-dales/fell cross who is almost 20 and is a no -nonsense stoic kind of chap who just gets on with it no matter what. I would say that this can be such a strong quality but the downside is it can make me complacent towards how he is going and it isn't always obvious to me if he's uncomfortable. Deborah visited us this week and after initial assessment and measurements she got started and there wasn't any part of Jake that she didn't work on, really getting into his muscle groups and pointing out to me some tight areas which I was totally unaware of. Jake loved it so much you could virtually see him asking for more! After almost 2 hours, Jake's first treatment was complete and walking him to the school to trot up, he felt so light I thought he might float away ! I was so impressed with Deborah 's knowledge and techniques that I will certainly ensure this is a regular contribution to Jake health and wellbeing.

Ann Hearn, Jake


As a novice rider and owner of 16.2 Clydesdale cross ride and drive horse, I wanted to know what his physical state was, before some work preparing him for dressage, showing and carriage driving competitions. Deb came and did a full assessment, explaining the process as we went along and this was then followed up by a full body massage, explaining muscle groups, and their working potential as well as identifying any sore areas and how to work on them. I found the whole process very professional and welcomed her explanations as we went along, which helped me to understand. I would definitely use the service again.

Mark Scarlett

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